Even if we have to make adjustments to our daily work-life grind due to the new normal, it is just as important to reward ourselves. These may involve when we are thankful that we still live a good life, when we make those dreams work, or when we successfully pitched an important proposal. One of the ways one can reward themselves is a glass of Scotch whisky, and Chivas is one of the names you’ve probably are familiar with.

There are many ways you can drink Scotch whisky (my go-to method is simply on the rocks with ice cubes), and Chivas Regal has their Blend Virtual Experience, where you get to watch a masterclass featuring a Chivas brand ambassador on blending Scotch Whisky just the way you like it.

“We believe that everyone deserves to appreciate the awesomeness of blended whisky. We’re excited for people to discover the blends they can come up with at our Chivas the Blend sessions, and for them to experience the excitement of enjoying Scotch whisky that they’ve made for themselves,” Chivas Brand Manager Mary Jane Wong said.

The blend kit that you can win if you are selected for the next Blend Session.

If you want to join the next Blend sessions, you can sign up here to reserve your slot. If you are lucky, you might receive a Whisky Blending Kit that has a bottle of Chivas 12, 6 small bottles (one empty, one blended grain, 4 single malt), a pipette, and a beaker to get you started for your own whisky blending experience.

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Aside from the blending experience, fans can also grab the limited-edition Chivas HiBall kit to make their own Chivas HiBall, an easy, low-calorie, and refreshing drink that combines the smooth taste of whisky with the satisfying fizz of soda. The kit comes with a bottle of Chivas 12, mug, sticker pack, and two cans of soda water, and is available on Boozy, Clink, Thirst, Singlemalt.ph, and Liquor.ph.



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