As we are all staying at home because it is the safest thing to do, having a good set of home fragrances is a must-have to make your house a real pleasure to live in—regardless if you are doing work or just relaxing after a long day.

Shopping for home fragrances is also easy, as Mia Maison has opened its official Lazada and Shopee stores. Both eCommerce platforms carry Mia Maison’s line of products, ranging from best-selling fragrances like the Original Fresh Bamboo, Green Tea, Ocean Breeze, Warm Cotton, White Tea & Ginger, Lavender, Peppermint, and Citronella to its Clean Essentials Aero Spray to ensure that your home is free of germs and bacteria.

To entice customers, Mia Maison is joining the 9.9 sale of both platforms, where you can enjoy up to 20% off all fragrances in Lazada and up to 15% cashback in Shopee. Purchasing through these official channels is a definite must, as it assures that you are buying official and authentic Mia Maison products.

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“We understand that there is a major shift of people staying indoors now and we probably won’t be going back to the way things were until next year or even beyond, so creating safe spaces at home is the best thing we can do and at Mia Maison, we are super passionate about this. Hopefully, with a bit more patience, perseverance, and our loved ones cozying up safe in our respected living spaces, we can weather this pandemic together.”


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