Adding colorful and more daring colorways to your sneaker collection definitely has its advantages, even just to spice things up in your wardrobe. If you’re looking for a colorful addition to your neutral sneaker collection, this may be the one for you. Meet the Nike Air Force 1, in the 1/1 “Nike And The Mighty Swooshers” colorway.

In the past, the Nike Air Force 1/1 has gotten funky with things like removable animal prints, and they are bringing their A-game once again with this offering. While the sneakers aren’t licensed by an anime franchise, it is definitely inspired by Japanese cartoon and art-and Nike has their own colorful take to it that we somehow wish there was an animated video series featuring the characters on this unique sneaker.

Air Force Nike And The Mighty Swooshers in front of grass

Like any Airforce 1 in the 1/1 version, this pair features an all Velcro base. Detachable anime art-inspired patches are provided so the wearer can get creative in deciding where everything goes. The sneaker art takes us back to the streets of Japan…and now, we miss traveling! We particularly like the metallic silver toe part which features an alien-like anime figure next to the Nike logo. We also appreciate how the solid blue at the bottom of its sole balances everything out.

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Nike Air Force 1/1 Mighty Swooshers Release Date

There is no official release date yet for the Air Force 1/1 Mighty Swooshers, but expect them to be available in limited quantities and with a price of around Php 8k. It will be ore expensive than your usual Air Force 1s since these have a unique theme and that they are totally customizable according to your liking!

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