Paul Rodriguez (aka P-Rod) still holds it down as the youngest pro skater ever to sign with Nike SB, with his own Pro Model at that! Fresh from the heels of the SB Dunk High last year, The now legendary skater and Nike SB are back at it to celebrate his legacy with a shoe that spans his colorful venture into sneakers. This time around, a special SB Dunk What the P-Rod is actually in the works!

A leaked photo from @Sneaker_Rumors on Instagram reveals the upcoming sneaker. It’s a fact that once you’ve got a What The shoe coming, it means that you’ve gone full circle! It spans all the shoes he has dropped with Nike SB including his signature P-Rod lineup!

Like any What The-themed sneaker, this SB Dunk comes with different materials and design elements for both the left and right pair, adding up to its unique design celebrating P-Rod’s career with Nike SB.

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Not bad for a guy who used to rock Jordans as a kid, right? 

It has been revealed a bit by the skater himself from a recent episode of the Complex Sneakers’ podcast– Rodriguez was dropping clues here and there that there will be indeed a special SB Dunk that spans his history with Nike SB. Turns out that this is THE sneaker he is talking about. 

Nike SB Dunk What the P-Rod release date

While there are already photos circulating, there’s no definite word as to when Nike will drop the SB Dunk What the P-Rod. We’re guessing that it will be just as rare as the OG What The SB Dunk from 2007, so better get ready with your sneaker plugs IF you are a big-fan of P-Rod and insist that this sneaker is a must-have for your collection.

Speaking of the Swoosh, here are some nice Air Jordan-inspired sneakers to add to your collection! 


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