There will always be pairs of shoes that will fall under the unattainable category. These are pairs that will hurt your wallet so much that you won’t have anything left for the whole outfit.

Well then, what’s the point if you’ve got a pair that’s worth a lot and you can’t even rock them daily because every time you give it a step or stride, you think you’re losing a peso?

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Clearly, times have changed. Nike is on this pattern of creating “budget versions” of usually high ticket priced “grails”- no money for Travis 1’s? Get the Mochas! Can’t ever have the Wu-Tang Dunks from way back? Then get the reissued Iowa Highs and so on…

Then this comes along. Introducing the Nike Waffle One, definitely looking the part, I honestly think this shoe looks like a sleeker version of the Sacai LD Waffle. For sure, you can see how it bears a close resemblance, yet it’s much older and holds more history than its hype counterpart. We recently got our hands on the Nike Waffle One in the Philippines to give our review on this so-called “Poor Man’s Sacai”.

The hyped-up counterpart that currently commands insane resell prices. 

With the same shades of white and gray, the Sacai LD Waffle is given tight competition here. Others may find the Sacai silhouette sole stacking and resell prices a bit just too much, which is why the Waffle One is a strong contender.

If you’re the type of shoe collector who sees shoes as they are sans the attention and how much it resells for, then the Waffle Ones offer such a more affordable alternative. Given its Php 5095 price tag, who’ll argue with that? Hell, these are now even selling out!

Nike Waffle One Review Philippines Verdict

Do we recommend it? Well, f you’ve got the means to get the Sacai LD Waffle, why not? But if you just want a clean shoe that oozes with class without killing your wallet, you’re in for a treat. The only things missing are the double tongues, Swooshes, and that pancake stacked midsole–other than that, the Waffle One is your next best thing to give you that hyped Sacai look without spending too much.

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