Filipino Streetwear is rising, what with all the local brands stepping up and creating pieces reflecting Filipino culture and ingenuity. Curious? Take a look at Nikko Pelaez and Project 7 to 1’s Ambition tee.

The Ambition Tee


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A brainchild of Carlo Ople, Project 7 to 1 is backed by the tagline, “For Those Who Hustle”. The brand develops concept shirts and merchandise inspired by achieving, doing, and pursuing what you want in life. The brand has done several collaborations with leaders in their field  including creative John Avendido and tech Mary Bautista. Consummate artist Nikko Pelaez now joins their roaster of creative partnerships. The name of the collaboration? Ambition.

What’s special about Nikko Pelaez’ Ambition Tee?

“It (Ambition T-shirt) is all inspired by the people who truly hustles to achieve something bigger than their dreams,” Nikko shares. 

One time, Carlo Ople messaged me and gave me a theme “The Dreamer” for our shirt project. As I’ve thought about the concept, I came up with the idea of two different types of dreamer: ‘Yung mga taong nangangarap nang tulog at yung mga taong nananaginip nang gising’.

Those are the ones who dreams day and night, and creates something they will look upon. The wing represents the minds of the people who dream. And the chosen color represents the reality of day and night.”

So how does Nikko create?

“Firstly, I look for the subject that will suit the problem and will conceptualize it all. After that, the composition of idea follows. As I have created the whole concept inside my head, I will execute it using my media,” explains Nikko.

Doing art and collaborating with other artists, I see it as a good platform to reach a broader audience of the artist’s works and visions.”

Follow Nikko’s work at Nikko Pelaez Artworks and @nikkoputitu

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