Not even the pandemic can stop anyone to pursue their passions. In fact, Carlo Ople, Founder of, Unbox Creator Network, and Project 7 to 1, is teaming up with Pop N Shop, the biggest cabinet rental business in the Philippines, to launch a massive store in Greenhills that will offer sneakers, toys, cards, and other collectibles.

The main goal? For budding entrepreneurs to have an avenue to sell their collectibles and interact with other individuals who share the same passion!

What can you expect from the Project 7 to 1 Shop?

Located at the basement of Promenade Greenhills, the upcoming Project 7 to 1 Shop is a 500sqm prime space that will come with various shelves and stalls that entrepreneurs can rent out to sell their collectible goods.

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The space will have an activity area for both everyone to share their passions, along with a coffee shop space for those who want to have a good conversation over a cup of coffee. There will be food carts within the area as well for those who want to grab a quick grub while shopping.

What other things the Project 7 to 1 Shop has to offer?

Aside from being a place for entrepreneurs to sell and interact with like-minded individuals and customers in person, the space aims to empower young entrepreneurs to do business despite the pandemic. This will be done by offering the following:

1) Digital marketing classes and booth camps to cabinet and booth renters;

2) Live selling equipment and training; and

3) An eCommerce fulfillment service for cabinet renters who want to sell their items in the shop online.

When will the Project 7 to 1 Shop launch?

The Project 7 to 1 Shopis set to officially open its doors on June 2021. For those interested to rent a cabinet or booth, click the link here to sign up. Making the space unique is that it does not have any commission fees; instead, you only pay a Php 3,500 monthly rental for the space.

As of this writing, there are 250 cabinets that will be rented out within the area, making it a great opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to make their business thrive despite the pandemic.

In case you missed it, Project 7 to 1 teamed up with JEAA for a cool art toy.



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