Through the years, Japanese casual wear designer and retailer Uniqlo has managed to deliver numerous expected and unexpected collaborations. They have amassed an array of names from designers like Takashi Murakami (with Billie Eilish), to artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat. This time around, Uniqlo has chosen to double down on their Japanese manga collabs and present us with the One Piece x Uniqlo UT Spring/Summer 2021 tee collection.

The entire collection features six different tee shirts with varying colors and designs. What ties each individual piece together is the fact that they are all based on the thirty-first story arc in the One Piece series, the ‘Wano Country Arc’.

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The designs mainly center around the Straw Hat Pirates and their costumes in the fourth installment of the Four Emperors Saga. Among the characters seen on the different shirts are Xiao Zi and Trafalgar D. Water Law, both indispensable characters in relation to the ongoing storyline.

While the first three shirts part of the collection only have a front design, the other three shirts include both a cohesive front and back design. Overall, the options provided by Uniqlo through this collection present the opportunity for each shirt to be partnered with a different outfit, whether you want a louder or more lowkey aesthetic.

One Piece x Uniqlo UT Availability

The entire One Piece x Uniqlo UT Spring/Summer 2021 tee collection will be made available at select Uniqlo locations worldwide on April 30. While the retail price is yet to be confirmed, we expect them to be priced at around Php 799 given Uniqlo’s usual pricing for its Uniqlo UT shirts. Nonetheless, be sure to stay tuned for more official information in the coming days!

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