Beyond the partnership of Nike and RTFKT Studios for a sneaker-themed NFT collection, both companies are working on an apparel collection that will be available in both physical and digital iterations.

RTFKT posted one of the pieces on Twitter, which reveals an anime character rocking a black hoodie with Nike and RTFKT branding on the front, back, and sleeves. RTFKT co-founder Benoit Pegotta mentioned that “this hoodie is designed for special functions,” which reveals that the hoodie will be made for your own self, for your digital RTFKT avatar, and for your clone.

While it does appear to be your typical Nike hoodie that’s laden with graphics, the front graphic does have a QR code that reveals a unique AR experience.

Aside from the hoodie, RTFKT also teased what appears to be a physical pair of the Nike Dunk Genesis CRYPTOKICKS. While the said sneaker generated buzz as part of the first NFT collection of Nike and RTFKT, it remains to be seen if we’re actually going to get a physical pair that we can wear IRL.

Aside from Nike and RTFKT, SNK ATK is also going for a similar approach with its “Dark Days” collection, where you get physical and digital versions of the apparel pieces.

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