Athleisure’s growing popularity has brands–from high street to luxury–coming up with different takes on how to be sporty and in style at the same time. Wearing your luxury wear comfortably, in a somewhat low-key way, is definitely a benefit of luxury athleisure pieces, plus, as usual, the quality and design are incredible.

With the recent Air Jordan X Dior collab, Dior has gained significant attention on their sneaker department…and so we’re really hyped about this next one.

For this collaboration with Shawn Stussy, Dior lead footwear designer Thibo Denis balanced edgy and classic efforts making the sneaker extremely wearable, but still a standout. Let’s start with the Dior name in scrawled in RED at the back in “Stussy” writing, giving us graffiti street feels, but with a minimalist twist. Classy Dior patterned logos are then emblazoned on the side of the shoe, highlighting it is indeed a Dior shoe. The rest of the piece are left with clean space and stitching, really making it look crisp and classy.

Further details of the upcoming Shawn Stussy x Dior B27 sneaker is currently available on Dior’s website for $1,400(~Php 67.3k).

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