In today’s hype-driven world, we just can’t get over collaborations. It seems that when something is a collab, it just adds fuel to the flame and brands know it. So for today, we are comparing two collaborations against each other. On the right corner, we’ve got the Jordan Brand X DJ Khaled Collab and the adidas X Balenciaga Collab on the left. Are we taking sides? Here’s our take on both collabs:

Meet Jordan Brand X DJ Khaled 

DJ Khaled has always been a hardcore supporter of Jordan Brand, which has given him unlimited access to their products. But the sweetest icing on the cake here is the brand giving the Miami-based producer the rare chance to design his own sneakers.

By maximizing his WE THE BEST mantra, Khaled has revealed an Air Jordan 5 Retro in pink/orange, bright purple, aqua teal, and bone white with pops of color and the tried and true tradition of the silver big tongue that the AJ5 is notorious for.

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What’s Awesome About This Collab? 

Well, it’s about time that DJ Khaled got a proper collaboration with Jordan Brand. He’s been known to flex special pairs and is a legit sneakerhead in every sense of the word. The fact that he’s out with an actual collection with guns blazing is a manifestation of his loud persona which makes it one of the most interesting, if not the best for the year.

Meet adidas X Balenciaga 

Fresh out of their Prada and Gucci collaborations, adidas are staying in their luxe brand collab lane with the adidas x Balenciaga Triple S. 

An obvious throwback to an 80’s icon, the adidas Superstar, this adidas Balenciaga Triple S comes decked out in a white and black colorway. Manufactured with a nice combination of leather and mesh, the three sides on the stripe give it that retro identity with a high-end twist.

Let’s not forget the triple-stacked silhouette that gives it that distinct look. It’s a Balenciaga Triple S shoe if it literally married the Superstars.

What’s Awesome About This Collab? 

Harkening back to the days of the old school, we can imagine strong RUN DMC vibes from it but only a lot more expensive. It only branches adidas’ reach further and elevates their image which only adds to their advantage. Balenciaga also gets some nice niche market reach here via a more mass-oriented design. It’s a win-win for both.

Our take

Both collaborations are very strong in their own right. DJ Khaled and Jordan Brand have been silent partners for too long while adidas and Balenciaga come from leftfield. If anything, both releases only add to the charm of the collaboration concept. Both may pave the way for more interesting releases. When rappers and luxury brands decide to dip their feet more with established mass-market brands, we win as we got more choices. Power to the people right?

On the local front, here’s a closer look at the HGHMNDS Decadence V2 Sneaker. 


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