HGHMNDS Clothing is more of a clothing/streetwear brand that has recently entered the skate shoe arena through the Decadence sneaker—which we had the chance to review a few months ago. As much as we loved the said sneaker, there were some things to improve upon—yet,it still sold out the first week of its release. That being said, HGHMNDS is back with a V2 of its Decadence sneaker.

What’s New?

Back with another attempt, the Decadence V2 AKA The Greyscale sneaker is basically the same sneaker but with a new colorway and new improvements both cosmetic and functional.

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One thing we noticed is the elephant/cement print that they applied on the shoe’s panels. It may be from their love of the Jordan 3 or the Supreme Dunk, but its there and we like how it reminds you of them but then it can pull off being different.

Another one is the softer insoles for this one. The first Decadence sneaker had a really thick black insole which was made for skateboarding. But then, this is on another level as its made now more for casual wear and that’s great for us who don’t skate.


Much like the last sneaker, we recommend going true to size on them. Do take note that these don’t come in half sizes so size up or down as desired.

How Do We Feel About Them?

It’s really a step forward for the brand when it comes to their footwear game. This second attempt at a nice wearable skate shoe really works. This also is a conscious move on their part to appeal to a sneakerhead market with that cement print on there. One more thing, they got the cement print down to the nitty gritty details which is downright impressive.

Where to Buy?

Much like the same process from the previous release, it will be available in store and online for Php 2400 this April 16. 

HGHMNDS Decadence V2 Sneaker Review Verdict

If you loved the first Decadence Sneaker, then you’ll be fully impressed with this one. Comfier with more print pop, this one is a great effort and a move towards functionality, comfort with an ode to a classic sneaker pattern – recommended.

In other news, here’s a closer look at probably the closest shoe to a Paris SB Dunk.


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