One of the struggles of having multiple sneakers at home is how to keep them organized. Sneakers from different brands have a variety of boxes, and stacking them is sometimes not the best idea.

A good suggestion for improving the organization of your sneakers is by getting transparent sneaker boxes, and Kicksmate has two great options in mind with the MS-02 and MF-01.

What makes both boxes great is that they are stackable and that they are straightforward to assemble with the included instruction guide. Assembling all the pieces included in both models will take you around 10 minutes before you have a fully-assembled box to store your much-loved sneakers.

Aside from both Kicksmate boxes being conveniently stackable, they come with magnetic doors for easy opening. The MS-02 opens on the side, while the MF-01 opens by the front. Both make use of durable premium pet plastic that is guaranteed to protect your sneakers while keeping them organized and showcasing them in style.

The MS-02 Side Drop is priced at Php 419, while the MF-01 Front Drop is priced at Php 439. You can buy them at Kicksmate’s Lazada and Shopee stores. Aside from these acrylic sneaker boxes, Kicksmate also has the Carryall CA-01 for safely storing your bags and toy figures.

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