Ever seen a store that houses so much craziness inside? Located right in the heart of the BGC stands Lunaxy.

“Embrace Your Crazy” –  Man, what a slogan; once you see it, you really can’t ignore it.  The volt green colorway of the store grabs right at you.

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For those who are curious enough to step in, one will be treated to a wide array of collectibles that range from signed sports memorabila, cards, sneakers, clothing and art toys. Plus… the coffee is exceptional!

Here are our top 5 recommended picks if you’re to visit:

Sorayama Floating Metallic Sexy Robot – Php 220,000 

Into sexy robots? Then this breathtaking sculpture by Hajime Sorayama is the epitome of curvy cyborg greatness. Immortalized in a copper-ish metallic colorway, this piece embodies elegance like no other. Its presence is just so strong that it will draw your attention once you set foot inside the store.

Upper Deck Michael Jordan Autographed Washington Wizards Jersey – Php 400,000

An MJ jersey will always be a grail–but how about a signed one? Michael Jordan spent most of his legendary career with the Chicago Bulls and ended with a short stint with the Washington Wizards. Widely considered the greatest basketball player of all time, this Autographed Washington Wizards Jersey can now be yours.

Medicom Banksy Flower Bomber Black Glossy Colored Flower – Php 130,000


Ever encountered the perfect visual statement for war and peace?  This 14-inch tall collectible is a true grail. Made out of polystone, this was designed by PERFECT-STUDIO and Medicom to pay homage to Banksy’s 2003 stencil in the act of throwing a flower bouquet instead of a Molotov cocktail. A peaceful protest in the midst of violence and conflict.

Bearbrick BAPE x Star Wars Boba Fett 100% and 400% – Php 35,000

Boba Fett fans take note! BAPE and Bearbrick have paid tribute to one of the Star Wars franchise’s fan favorites: the Bounty Hunter himself, Boba Fett! Featuring the Bearbrick decked out in Boba Fett’s likeness, this pack of two is a must have for both Star Wars and Bearbrick diehards. Once you see the set, you’ll be going SW / Bearbrick fanboy in no time!

Nike x Peaceminusone Kwondo Triple White – Php 25,000

Going ape on sneakers with a K-Pop twist? This is a fitting follow-up the G-Dragon Para-Noise AF-1’s, this one goes for a more subtle and cleaner look. A nice mix of a skate shoe and a brogue, this one is a must cop for your next all white ensemble.

Lunaxy is located at GF W Global Center, 9th Ave., BGC from 10am to 9pm daily.

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