Nike Dunks have always been staples within sneaker and streetwear circles. If you’ve been on the side of the curious for a while now, no sneaker collector should be caught without even one pair of them in their rotation. At this point, the Dunks are just classics and they won’t go away. 

If you want to catch up and cop a pair or two, here are 5 Recommended Nike Dunk releases for Q1 2022 that you should consider. The best thing about these is that they don’t really sell for so much in the secondary market, so these 5 are definitely a win!

5 Recommended Nike Dunk Releases for Q1 2022

  • Dunk Low Championship Goldenrod
  • Dunk Low Siempre Familia
  • Dunk High Moon Fossil
  • Dunk High Panda
  • Dunk High Next Nature Pink Oxford


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Nike Dunk Low “Championship Goldenrod”

A fan of Wu-Tang? Bumblebee? Or missed out on the Iowa Highs? Then this may be your best bet. Not to mention these are more rockable than its high-top brother! Also, the materials and shape on this one feel better than other recent releases.


Nike Dunk Low “Siempre Familia” 

If you’re into patterns and nicely curated materials, then this Mexican Dunk is right up your alley. The best thing about this pair is that it’s loud yet the earth tones on them make for a subdued look. 


Nike Dunk High “Moon Fossil” 

If you love a Dunk that will turn heads without looking too loud, then these Shadow colorway-influenced Dunks are perfect. There’s something about the gray and black color combo that make for nice, versatile wear.


Nike Dunk High “Panda”

Love the panda colorway, yet you don’t really want to break the bank? Well, these high-top versions are a worthy alternative. It’s simple and very easy to match with anything you want to throw on for the day. Oh, and they are part of Nike’s Dunk restock for 2022, so we guess second chances are worth it.


Nike Dunk High Next Nature “Pink Oxford”

One for the ladies, this one is an interesting take with a couple of pastel shades with interesting material choices to boot. These are also perfect for the guys who want a Dunk that deviates from the normal. Look different and stand out in pink, right? Oh, and they are made from at least 20% recycled content, so they are environmentally friendly too!

Another one on our list is these Nike Dunk High “Light Chocolate” which we reviewed a few days ago. Read about our take here. 




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