Ben&Ben’s concert is less than a month away and we can’t wait to watch Kuwaderno come to life. But just before we see it next month, Ben&Ben is giving us somewhat of a preview of what they mean by pushing the boundaries in production. Recently, the band released their Lunod EP featuring different versions of the track. Accompanying this release is a music video of its acoustic version, featuring collaborators Zild and Juan Karlos. The music video is directed by award-winning filmmaker Jerrold Tarog (Heneral Luna, Sana Dati).

Join us as we take a close look at Ben&Ben’s Lunod and its Music Video:

Ben&Ben Lunod

Ben&Ben Makes Their Mark at El Deposito with Lunod MV

Lunod by Ben&Ben captures the feeling of drowning in torrential distress and anxiety. The acoustic version has a rawness to it, making listening to the track a more engaging. Its lyrics take us on a journey. By the end of  the song, the words:

Dahan-dahan, ako’y lalangoy na
Ooh, sisisirin hanggang makarating ka
Sa ginhawang itinadhana
Sa ginhawang itinadhana
‘Di na muling malulunod pa


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You then feel a sense of resurrection and hope that things will get better after the storm.

The video has a rather powerful effect on the viewers as if to make them feel the emotions of someone who was struggling with their mental health. The cinematic visuals were shot at the El Deposito water reservoiran underground location known for its historical significance to the events that lead to the Philippine Revolution, Philippine-American War, and World War II. We’re not sure if this was purposely done because both are a struggle for freedom. Freedom from colonization and freedom from yourself. Having said that, it was definitely a brilliant move.

“The music video is a deeply introspective and symbolic interpretation of the song, which is all tied in together from the concept and writing, down to the location,” lead vocalist, guitarist, and Lunod chief songwriter Paolo Benjamin explains.

“In the video, the song is narrated as the band, with Zild and Juan Karlos, move deeper and deeper into the tunnel slowly—losing breath, then in the latter half taking powerful strides to move out of it. This signals a ‘rebirth’ into a new, more mature version of the self.”

Thoughts on the Collaboration with Zild and Juan Karlos

In the recent media conference, Ben&Ben was very generous to praise and acknowledge the talents that they collaborated with. The band continued to share:

“Grabe yung nagagawa ng output when you let an artist be themselves,” Patricia realizes. “When you let an artist just pour out he or she has to give for the song. Yung very unfiltered.”

“Especially din dito sa music video, iba din talaga yung magagawa na output ng collaboration with other artist, kasi you can’t figure that stuff out alone…and ang saya lang to work with people of the same, like, kind of creative mind, na nagbabatuhan kayo ng ideas. Ang daming possibilities,” Jam adds.

Kuwaderno Pop-Up Café

Apart from the Lunod EP, Ben&Ben and its label Sony Music Philippines recently opened a Lunod-themed café at Latitude Bean+Bar in Malate, Manila, as part of Ben&Ben’s Kuwaderno Pop-Up Café activities (which happened from November 25 to 27). 

The Kuwaderno Pop-Ups feature several exclusive activities for Liwanag and ordinary folks to immerse themselves into Ben&Ben’s critically acclaimed album and upcoming digital concert. The two other exclusive pop-ups are located at Jess + Pat’s in Maginhawa, QC, and Kale Café in Fairview, QC.

Music fans can also purchase tickets to Kuwaderno: A Ben&Ben Online Concert directly at the three pop-up locations in Metro Manila. 

Ben&Ben’s Lunod featuring Zild and Juan Karlos, is out now on all streaming platforms worldwide via Sony Music Philippines.

Lunod collaborators Zild and Juan Karlos are also set to join Ben&Ben on Kuwaderno: A Ben&Ben Online Concert, which is happening on December 05 from 8pm to 11pm. Get your tickets here.

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