The DC Fandome 2021 was nothing short of a blockbuster event as a wide array of upcoming superhero movies were teased and mong this extensive list was Shazam! 2 Fury of the Gods. While an official trailer is yet to be released due to the fact that the film is not that far into production, we got a peek into the movie through a teaser, which can be found below:

DC Shazam! 2 Fury of the Gods Plot

Like almost every other superhero film out there whether it be DC or Marvel, there is very little information regarding the plot of the upcoming work. However, what we do know is that Shazam! 2 Fury of the Gods will most likely start where the first film left off. This means it can be safe to assume that the storyline of the upcoming movie will revolve around the evil space worm Mister Mind and Dr. Sivana teaming up to conquer the Magiclands. However, this time around Shazam will be joined by the rest of the Shazam family throughout the adventure.

It has been confirmed however that the film will be graced by the presence of two villains played by two iconic and powerful women. Here’s what we know so far:

Hespera Character Explained

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Played by the legendary Helen Mirren, Hespera happens to be a new character to join the CD cinematic universe as she has no direct comic book tie-in. However, we do know some crucial information about Hespera and her role in the upcoming Shazam! 2 Fury of the Gods film. First of all, Hespera is the daughter of the god Atlas (who represents one of the  ‘A’s’ in Shazam’s acronymic name). Second, according to reports, Hespera will be playing the role of one of the two villains in this movie, so expect her to step on some toes…

Kalypso Character Explained

DC Shazam!

Adding on to the big screen names present in Shazam! 2 Fury of the Gods is Lucy Liu, who will be playing the villain Kalypso. Liu’s character happens to be quite similar to that of Hespera as she is also a daughter of Atlas. In addition, Kalypso does not have a clear link to DC comics, rendering her character as a new addition to the storyline. That being said, we don’t know everything the villain will offer to this film or the franchise as a whole, but due to her blood tie, we can expect to see her stand side by side with her sister, Hespera.

DC Shazam! 2 Fury of the Gods Release Date

Shazam has been a pleasant surprise considering expectations for the first film weren’t very high but now that DC and comic book fans know a little more about what to expect, there is a considerable amount of hype surrounding this upcoming release. With that being said, the movie is expected to hit the big screen globally on June 2, 2023.

Shazam! isn’t the only movie that we will be seeing more of, here are more amazing content that was revealed during DC Fandom 2021:


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