Luxury has always been attached with the Swoosh but then, it leans more on the price than the aesthetics. Sure, we got the croc AF1s and the “Tiffany” Diamond Dunk SBs, but then the question that begs to be answered is what if Nike became a high-end fashion brand? How cool would that be?

Well, Art Director and Graphic Designer Davide Perella has gone the distance and reimagined the sportswear mammoth as an actual lux brand. His initial design lineup include blazers, a saddle bag, shades and the most eye catching of them all, a shiny pair of loafers.

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The iconic swoosh is creatively applied into each piece. The suit jacket lapels are shaped like swooshes, the bag holds the swoosh via its kidney shape and more. The design placements are so good that you’d think they’d be actually releasing!

The most realistic one are the loafers and the Stussy X Zoom Spiridon heels.

Captivated by his concepts? Check out Davide Perella’s luxurious design world via the designer’s Instagram account.

In other swoosh related news, the Playstation X Travis Scott Nike Dunk is a must see!


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